Ezra, white unicorn

Eustratia at VAU VAU

photo by Arien Specter

Had to reblog this because it is so beautiful.  Its great to see latex being worn as high fashion as well as fetish wear.  If you would like to win some beautiful items, go to for competition details.

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Wanna get your sweat on in this lovely latex collection?

I don’t normally post things that arn’t my own on here but I had to share this beautiful latex collection with you all.

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thebrotherscup said: Don't we all want designers to send us latex? I know I do haha

Haha, oh yes!  Sadly I can’t afford to buy new items every time i do a photoshoot so Im hoping a nice designer will be happy to lend me a few items in exchange for for photos they can use for their own promotion.

Latex wanted!

Im on the looking for latex/fetish wear designers who would be happy to loan me any items in exchange for images.

Trying out a pin-up edit that I thought would be perfect for this shot.

Another old shot of mine.

A simple pin-up shot I took a while back.

From “Nurseries”, a documentary piece on Infantalism

Adult Babies are a specific group of fetishists who enjoy age play, dressing and being treated like babies. They may wear nappies, sleep in a cot, drink from a bottle, or play with baby toys. These images show “Nurseries” created as a safe environment for Adult Babies to play out their fantasies. Nurseries such as these, offer a “nanny” service, providing nappy changes, feeds and even spankings for misbehaving “babies.” There is no link between Adult Babies and real babies and this fetish does not involve real children in any way. The intent of this work is to help promote better understanding and acceptance of Adult Babies by breaking down misconceptions.

“Nurseries” is available as a limited edition artists book.